Schools for Teens With Psychiatric Issues

When outpatient treatment doesn’t seem to be enough to help a troubled teen, a psychiatric residential treatment center may be the answer. There are a number of schools around the country that help troubled teens with both academic and mental health issues, which can help get these students back on track with their peers. These schools are all a bit different, so compare the various available schools to see which ones best suit the issues of the child in question before making a decision on where to send a teenager.

Some of these residential treatment centers offer levels for the children to progress through in their treatment, while others look for specific behaviors achieved and allow the patient to have an increased amount of freedoms and less structure to their day as they exhibit improvements in behaviors. The goal is always to reintegrate the student back into their family, so family therapy is often a part of treatment as well as individual and group therapy. If substance abuse is a problem, counseling is also available for this. At the end of treatment, the hope is that the students will no longer cause problems that prevent them from attending a regular school or participating in extracurricular activities with others in the same age group.

As far as academics go, residential treatment centers, like the Red Rock canyon school, work to improve any areas of academic weakness that students exhibit while teaching students to love learning and improving their study skills. The goal is to bring students at least back up to their grade level, and sometimes the students actually manage to improve to the point where they are beyond their grade level. Students typically attend this type of treatment facility for about one school year.

Sending a child to one of these treatment programs isn’t giving up and shouldn’t be considered a sign of poor parenting skills. Parents aren’t trained to deal with these issues, and kids who are acting out may need the help of trained professionals to prevent them from being a danger to themselves or others. As hard as it may be, sometimes one of these boarding schools is the right choice for both the child and the family as a whole.