Chilis Fajita Recipe – Cooking Great Fajitas At Home

When is the last time you ate at Chili’s? It’s good isn’t it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook food at home like they do at Chili’s? How about making Chilis fajita recipe. Think how impresses your friends and family would be when you dish out this classic Tex-Mex dish.

It is possible to make great restaurant style food at home. You don’t have to just settle for “homemade” type food. You know, casseroles, burgers and the like. Or worse, frozen food. Or the new thing like we have at our grocery store. Pre-prepped food in a bag–like chicken wings, hamburgers, fajitas. All you have to do it pop it in the oven or microwave. It’s closer to home cooked but not from scratch.

To really cook at home, you have to make things from scratch, not pour it out of a can. To do that, we need to start with a really good recipe. Good ingredients are real important, but not essential. For example, the gumbo I make should have home made chicken stock, but I don’t have the time (gumbo takes about 2 hours the way it is). So I used bullion cubes and not expensive ones either. It gets the job done.

Okay, so you need to get a great recipe. Where do you find this great recipe? The internet? A book store? Sure they all have great recipes, but how do you know which is a good one?

What I do to find a quality recipe is to look for ones with reviews by people who have used the recipe, that way I know at least a couple of people have successfully used the recipe and it turned out well. Also in the reviews, people will write comments about how they changed the recipe and made it work better.