Changing Lives Of Pets By Changing Food

Amazing facts About Beagles- Beagles considered as The Goldilocks of Dogs, are one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in the world. They are also One of the most famous dogs in the world.

With the holidays fast approaching, amidst great hustle and bustle, many people prefer to adopt a puppy or are already the proud pet parent of a newly born or brand new puppy. This new found companion is the apple of their eye and they love this bundle of joy and go to any extent to make its life comfortable. They may buy expensive, bed, toys, furniture and even clothes, but will be clueless as to what to feed them.

There is no such thing called as the right food for all dogs. The dog food which is formulated for dogs will be considered good for one dog but may not be right for another dog. They may even cause gastrointestinal upset I certain dogs.

It is always better to consider each stage of a dogs life while feeding it. Puppies require more amounts of proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals for their proper and overall growth. If an adult dog is fed with food meant for puppies, it is likely to put on weight and become obese. Senior dog foods are prepared in such way that it can be easily digested by them.

Most pet dogs prefer to eat dry dog food, but the owners end up giving them moist dog food as they are worried and concerned about the health of their pets a pet owner, if you are clueless as to what to feed your loved pet, it is better to provide home cooked food to your loved pet as at least you are aware what goes into the stomach of your furry pet.

A vegetarian diet is free of fats, hence the fear of accumulation of fatty deposits in the body of the pet is lost and a pet owner can feed the same without feeling guilty. There are also least chances of the pet putting on weight and it helps a dog to maintain a lean figure.

The main disadvantage in feeding raw food to pets like dogs and cats is that they are laden with bacteria and parasites. But the risk of bacteria and parasites can be greatly reduced if the raw food is hygienically packed, handled and transported. The chances of pets getting infected with E.coli bacteria can be reduced greatly.

By nature dogs are carnivores and they like to thrive on varied diets of meat with smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables .Their bodies are designed to absorb and utilize animal fats and proteins to build organs, healthy muscles, skin and coats.

Commercial dog food is a great boon for busy pet caregivers. The same can be purchased by the pet owners from various pet shops near their house or by doing a thorough research on the internet of various pet stores dealing in various treats for dogs like dog bone, dog biscuits, non-veg food for dogs etc.

With a wide array of dog foods available in the market and also with various dog foods manufacturing claiming that their products are the best for a dog. A dog owner has to be prudent enough to take the right decision to decide which food is best for his pet by either consulting a veterinarian or by taking into the account the age, breed, health and various personal factors relating to ones pet.