Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents of troubled teens can be at as loss as to the best way to help their children and get them back on track. One option not everyone is aware of is a therapeutic boarding school. These schools help get kids back up to speed academically while providing therapy to help them deal with whatever issues are leading to the behavior problems they are exhibiting. They aren’t just for kids who use drugs or have mental health issues, they can also help teens that are exhibiting reckless behavior, lying, manipulating people and running away or those who have poor self esteem, trouble with boundaries, eating disorders or anxiety issues.

These schools are mainly for teenagers, and provide a way to get these kids out of the environment that is contributing to their issues and into a more supportive one where they can start over and get their lives back under control. They’re usually found in more rural areas and give students the opportunity to engage in any number of outdoor activities, including things like hiking, horseback riding and camping.

Unlike many large high schools, a therapeutic high school has teachers trained to deal with disabilities and small class sizes, so individual students get whatever academic help they need. Schools often include college prep courses and help students prepare for college entrance exams, making it easier for them to continue their education once they leave the school.

The days tend to be very scheduled, giving kids a routine and limiting the amount of time they would have to get into any of the troublesome activities that brought them to the school in the first place. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any time for fun activities. For example, if you learn more here about Sedona Sky Academy, you’ll see that they use equine therapy and each girl has their own horse assigned that they take care of and learn to ride. Schools offer field trips as well, going to such places as Washington D.C. or the Grand Canyon. If you’re dealing with a troubled teen, it may be worth looking into the alternatives for therapeutic boarding schools.