A Brief Guide To Cooking Ribs The Diy Method

Vegetarians are the only people that perhaps do not find the idea of a well barbequed rib salivating. Many people tend to frequent some joints where they believe the best ribs are made. The reason people do not barbeque ribs at home is because it can be pretty daunting to come up with good ribs. Restaurants have some well kept secrets that are not known by the wider public which means that most people do not know how to actually cook the ribs. We will unravel some of these secrets in the following sections. To start us off, it is vital to understand that all the sections of a rib are not edible. There is the connective tissue, muscle and the membrane which may be present or may have been removed by the butcher. While the meat cooks well and the connective tissue breaks down, the membrane only gets tougher achieving some plastic like consistency.

Have the membrane cut off from the ribs. Have the ribs that you want to cook lying upside down and then take the small end of the ribs. Take a butter knife and grab the membrane from the second rib and rip it off. The membrane is located by cutting slightly the topmost layer between the two bones. Using the butter knife, extend the entire length of the rib and then rip the membrane out. After this, we cook ribs. We will have to come up with some process in which we can comfortably take care of the connective tissue so that it gets to cook without drying up the meat as the temperatures in which the connective tissue comfortably cooks up are too high. One effective way of overcoming this problem is to have the ribs braised or any other method that is close to braising in terms of technique. This technique basically involves the use of water as a softening agent which eliminates worries to do with moisture lose.

Boiling tends to be the first braising choice although it will not enhance the flavor of the ribs in any way. Take an aluminum foil and then proceed to wrap up the ribs together with a combination of your favorite spices and seasonings. It is not a must that you add water into this package as ribs tend to have enough juices and fat to sustain the process of braising. As a matter of fact, the fat plus the seasonings and spices provide an impressive assortment of flavors. The ribs can stack into racks and placed in the aluminum foil which can accommodate 5-6 racks. Using a baking sheet, place the entire ribs package onto the sheet and then proceed to put it in an oven that is running at some 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of one hour. After the one hour is over, take the ribs out of the oven and place them on a grill where they get to acquire that sweet crispy texture. At this juncture, you can decide to brush the ribs with some good barbeque sauces. That’s about it; you can proudly declare that you’ve learnt how to cook ribs.